Long Hair, No Hair, Don't Care

Guest Bogger, Zach Sumner

Long Hair, No Hair, Don’t Care!

As believers in today’s world, we face a lot of challenges: challenges from our enemy, challenges from the cursed world itself, and challenges from our own shortcomings. One of those challenges is the flesh, the physical and natural realm that we have to live and operate in before we get to Heaven and live that eternal life in the Spirit with our Living God! Our culture and society dictate for us that in order to be successful, affluent, or influential that we have to appeal to the flesh or natural picture that it asks for. You have to be pretty, handsome, or good looking to get anywhere in life--right? Well the culture we live in believes so, and thus if you are not one of those, and your brain or smarts isn’t enough to overcome that, then you are on the outside looking in at all the success and wealth those good looking people can enjoy. However, with our God, who can and has overcome the physical, it is not that way! Consider these two examples:

Samson (Judges 13-16)

                I am sure everyone is familiar with the story of Samson: the man of prophetic birth to a barren woman; the man who was to be a Nazirite from birth and no razor touch his head; the man who was strong enough to rip huge city gates out of the ground, and take down an entire temple with one swoop of his arms. Samson got his power from the anointing on his long, beautiful locks of hair but was probably pretty ripped too! In the natural, he was good looking, strong and mighty, with long, beautiful hair. He could have had success in today’s culture based on those qualities, but he got his power and success from God! God used him to be powerful and mighty, no matter what he looked like!

Elisha (2 Kings 2:23)

                Elisha is just as prominent (if not more so) a figure in the Old Testament as Samson, but with more mighty stories! What is not well known about Elisha is his appearance in the natural wasn’t as appealing as Samson’s. Elisha was a Tishbite, a region located in the mountains, and often referred in extra biblical sources as a “mountain man”. He was probably rough and rugged, not what we would call attractive. In the Scripture reference above, he is made fun of by children who call him ‘baldy”. They were making fun of his aging body, his rough exterior, and his bald head! But, like Samson, the way God used him, the way God worked miracles through him were not affected by his natural appearance!

                Both of these men were mighty warriors for God throwing down the forces of the enemy, making sure God’s plan came to fruition, and making a difference for His Kingdom! Culture may care about physical attractiveness, but God has nothing to do with that! 1 Samuel 16:7 says that man considers physical appearance, but God looks at the heart! Like Samson and Elisha, it does not matter if you are tall or short, skinny or fat, long hair or bald--God wants to see a heart in you seeking His own! Culture may say you cannot succeed, but God says you can be victorious in Him! Do not let society hinder you from becoming a warrior for God’s Kingdom! It does not matter what you look like on the outside. God will work many signs, wonders, and miracles through anyone who is seeking after Him! No matter what your earthen vessel looks like, God will use it for His Kingdom and His glory!

Pastor Gene Arey