Guest Bogger: Larry Arey



The month of Av was supposed to be a month of celebration. The name Av in the Hebrew means Father. It is the 5th month on the God calendar and the 11th on the civil calendar.  In 2018 it starts on Jul 13th. This month is tied to the tribe of Simeon, the second son of Jacob and the second of Leah. Simeon means to hear. In the wilderness Simeon camped with Reuben and Gad. Simeon along with Levi were the ones who executed revenge for their sister’s rape. When Jacob blessed all his sons he said Simeon would be scattered. Moses did not bless the tribe of Simeon, but Ezekiel included the tribe in the coming kingdom as having land near the south gate.

Tet is the Hebrew letter associated with the month and its picture resembles a womb, a month when the earth contracts.

As I said earlier Av was designed to be a month of celebration, but 10 men changed that. On the 9th of Av is when the 12 spies sent out by Moses returned to give their report. Two said “We are well able to take the land”, but 10 men preached a message of fear and said that they were as grasshoppers in the eyes of the giants who inhabited the land. The people chose to believe the evil report and thus set a date that has plagued the Jewish people ever since. The 9th of Av throughout history has not been a good day for the people of Israel. The following few events that have occurred down through history lets you see why this day is a day of mourning for many Jews.

·         Both temples were destroyed on this date

·         The 1st crusade started on this date. In the name of the church many Jews were slaughtered in Jerusalem as they were portrayed as having killed Jesus.

·         They were expelled from Spain

·         They were expelled from England

·         They were herded up in Warsaw and shipped to death camps

·         Jews were told to evacuate the Gaza strip


But we serve a forgiving God and a God of grace and He still wants this to be a month of celebration. This is a month where God will tear down only to rebuild better so let this be a time for you to metamorphose into a better and stronger you. Let the Word of God develop in you, so you can reach higher levels of discernment. Use this month to move into that next promise that you have been waiting for. Slay any spiritual giant that lays between you and what God has promised.  For he has made you well able to possess the promise.

Pastor Gene Arey