Guest Blogger: Larry Arey


Elul, the 6th Holy month and 12th civil month in Hebraic calendar. It begins Aug. 10th, 2018 and ends on September 8 .

It is tied to the tribe of Gad. Gad was the 7th son of Jacob from Zilpah, the maid of Leah. He was camped with Simeon and Reuben on the south side of the tabernacle in the wilderness. 1 Chronicles 12:8-14 says the people of the tribe of Gad were fierce warriors and leaders. They settled on the east side of the river, but before Moses would agree to this they had to promise to send warriors into the promised land to help the other tribes conquer it. This promise they fulfilled and were released back to their land by Joshua in Joshua 13. They are one of the 10 tribes considered lost as they were exiled in 3205 by the Assyrians.

The Hebraic letter associated with Elul is Yud. Its meaning is appointed mercy from the hand of God.

There are no major Jewish holidays this month, but do not overlook the importance of this month. This is the month that the King would go out into the field to meet with his people without the formality of the royal palace and throne room. This was also the month Moses went back to Mt. Sinai to get the second set of tablets. This month is associated with a time to fix what is broken. This is a time to find your place in the company of the Most High. A month of repentance, mercy, and forgiveness.

This is the month when farmers will repair any equipment needed for the upcoming harvest and make sure everything is ready. This is the time to meet God in the field and prepare yourself for the upcoming harvest and receive from Him where He wants you and what He wants you doing. If you have anything broken or not working 100% now is the time to fix or replace. Use this time to move into your perfect place, time and order with God.

Pastor Gene Arey