Guest Blogger: Larry Arey



Tishrei (tish ri) is the seventh month on the Holy calendar and the first month on the civil calendar. In 2018 it will start on September 10. It is the beginning of the three fall months also. The reason the Jews use this month to start a new calendar year and change the year date at this time is they believe that the earth was created at this time. The Holy calendar as we talked about in previous blogs is based on the remembrance of the exodus from Egypt. This month is known as the high holidays for the three major feast times set aside for this month. The first is Rosh Hashana or Trumpets, second is Yom Kippur or Atonement, and the third is Sukkot or tabernacles. This is also the time when Moses returned with the second set of tablets and forgiveness for the making of the idol. Another thing that was significant this month was Solomon dedicated the temple.

 Lamed is the letter of the Hebraic alphabet associated with this month. It means an aspiration to return to your absolute source.

Ephraim is the tribe associated with this most significant month. They are the descendants of the second son of Joseph, but like Jacob received the blessing of the first born. Ephraim means double fruit. They were known for training archers. Of the land allotted to them contains Schecum. Joshua and Samuel are two prominent people who came out of this tribe, representing both the general of the kingdom and the priesthood

Although a celebration, it is not celebrated like we celebrate our new year. It is a time to look forward to the new year and make plans to accomplish the goals that you have set. Also, as the Hebraic letter for the month suggests, a time to return to your absolute source. Trumpets is a time to blow the shofar and ring in a new time, a time to look forward not back. Rosh Hashana also is the beginning of Awe, a ten-day period leading up to Yom Kippur. This is a time of introspection and repentance. Yom Kippur, or Atonement, is considered the most Holy of holidays for the Jews. This day would be spent in fasting and prayer, generally at the synagogue. The third holiday this month is Sukkot or tabernacles or feast of booths. This is a celebration holiday and is one of the three that required a trip to the temple in Jerusalem. This is a celebration of the time spent in the wilderness before crossing over and being thankful for the provisions of YHVH to supply all their needs.

There will be plenty discussed and written about the significance of 5779 and what the numbers mean so I will not go into that. Also, this month is not only a 1 but also a 7. Very significant numbers for both the month and year and I encourage each of you to spend some time studying them.

As a church body we should be looking ahead to what is in store for us. This is a time to praise God for the provision to see us through the coming year and accomplish the agenda that He has set before us.  We know the timing of God is perfect and the schedule at the church for this month is significant. We hear about time, place, and order. This is a chance to look ahead and not dwell on the past. Spend time on the 10th of September looking forward and allowing God to show you His will for your like as well as His will for the church. Also, with the election coming soon allow God to work through you to get the right people elected so this country can continue to be a leader for the rest of the world in freedom to worship freely. I encourage you to set time aside daily to pray for your city, county, state, and nation and each of the leaders. Also let this be the first month for the declaring of God’s Word and His Word only out of your mouth. As we have been taught our words carry weight and either do harm or good so lets make this a year of good.

Pastor Gene Arey