Guest Blogger: Larry Arey




Cheshvan is the 2nd month of the civil calendar and the 8th month of the Holy calendar. The 10th of October 2018 marks the beginning of Cheshvan. This is the only month in the Jewish calendar with no holidays. The Hebraic letter of nun is associated with this month and it symbolizes Messiah. The Jews consider this the month of the Messiah and the start of the building of the 3rd temple.

The tribe associated with this month is Manasseh, who was the eldest son of Joseph. Before crossing over to the promised land half of them decided to stay but sent warriors to help with the taking of the land. Gideon was from the tribe of Manasseh. The flood started and ended in Cheshvan, and when Noah offered up the sacrifice and received the promise of the rainbow.

Cheshvan being the 8th month in the holy calendar means this month signifies resurrection, regeneration, and new beginning. This month is also represented by the scorpion which is a reminder of our authority. (Luke 10:19) As we move through this month it is a good time to stand on our authority and receive fresh new revelation and allow the Holy Spirit to squeeze a fresh new anointing out of us. A squeezing from the Holy Spirit can be a hard experience if we resist or a pleasant one as we move with Him and into a deeper and stronger anointing. If we stand on our authority and use the Words that come from God, this can be a glorious month and a time to move forward. If we choose to use negative words or defeatist words, then we are allowing Satan to steal the harvest that we celebrated last month.

This is the second of three fall months, a time to continue the harvest and prepare the seed for spring planting. Place your seed in a good place that is guarded from the devourer. Continue to watch your words and what goes into your house so that what comes out is good fresh anointing.

Pastor Gene Arey