The Month of Nisan

By Guest Blogger, Larry Arey


When God lead the Israelites out of Egypt one of the first things he did was reorder the months. (Ex 12:2)

The reordering was for the feasts. During the first month, Nisan, the feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits were observed by the Israelites. When we look at the spiritual side we really get a deeper understanding of what this month and the tribe it represents (Judah) means to us, especially in the year 2018 (5778).  This year, the month of Nisan begins on March 17 and ends on April 15.

As I mentioned earlier Judah is the tribe represented. Whenever the Israelites moved in the desert, this tribe went out first and was camped on the east side of the tabernacle. They represent apostolic leadership, warring, and operating in the gift of sound.

The Hebraic letter of the alphabet that is associated with this month is Hei which is wind, breath, and praise. This was the letter that was added to Abram’s name when he became Abraham.

This month also represents repentance, redemption, and beginning of miracles.

Another word used for this month is Abib which is a Hebraic term for the stage of the growth of grain when the seeds have reached full size.

The spring is a time of planting. It was also a time warring, when kings went out to defend or expand their kingdoms.

One of the Hebraic words used for spring can also be translated repentance. What better picture of coming out of winter into spring, as repentance offers a new start. We also start with the month and the tribe that represents Praise.   As someone near and dear to me is fond of saying, “Isn’t God smart?”.

Redemption is also represented this month which means a price has been paid for YOU! That means that every prison door has been opened and is awaiting you to step through.

The beginning of Miracles is also represented this month. So, make that part of your praise.

This is the first month that carries you through your spiritual year so be very careful that praise and thanksgiving are continually on your lips as what you say and proclaim this month has weight throughout the rest of your year.

Considering all this, on Sunday, March 18th as you bring in your Firstfruits, think about repentance, redemption, and beginning of miracles.

We have crossed over out of the desert.  We are in the land promised to us, the land of milk and honey. But the giants are not going to give it up so easily as us just crossing over. It is time to go to war, it is a time to expand the kingdom of God.  This is reason we were put here, “for such a time as this”. It is our job to expand the kingdom and prepare as the bride to receive the King. It is time to become the glorious church, the ecclesia. Egypt and slavery are behind us and it is time to take Hebron.  


Pastor Gene Arey