WWAC-GO History

In 2014, the Lord gave Pastor Linda Arey a vision to birth an organization that He named Women With a Cause Global Outreach. This call was based on Matthew 25:34-40 and Luke 8:1-3, which were to be the organization’s foundational scriptures.

Women With a Cause Global Outreach would fulfill the call to support hands-on ministries here in our nation as well as around the world that clothe the naked, feed the hungry, and support the homeless and orphaned. Including a special mandate to help in the area of sex trafficking by saving and bringing restoration to those that have been so wrongly abused.

So far, Women With a Cause Global Outreach has an annual conference where all of the proceeds from the offering go out to support these mandated areas of ministry, and in no way are used for operational costs of any sort.

This organization to date, has helped both local ministries and ministries of other nations by providing finances to those that are directly involved in the care and well being of the homeless orphans, and those that have been rescued from sex trafficking. 

Children and infants have been saved in an orphanage in Kissumu, Kenya due to the purchase of cows and chickens made by Women With a Cause Global Outreach. This is just one example of the impact the organization has made for those in need. 

Women With a Cause-Global Outreach is under the covering of Harvest Church International Christian Center with Senior Pastor Gene Arey, and members of Fellowship of Prophetic Churches and Ministries under Dr. Decker Tapscott.

Harvest Church International Christian Center.
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